Are 3 Times Bride’s Maids Lucky or Unlucky?

Hmm let’s see, I have become a bride’s maid thrice so far.

The very first time was for Debbie and Percy’s wedding. Oh, their wedding was magical! We were 5 bride’s maids and had lilac satin gowns to wear with corsages and chaplets and the works. But the bride’s gown was the best part of the wedding though. Debbie had picked up a lovely ivory and pearl number from New York. With her pale complexion and full figure, she looked like a doll.

The second time was for Pinchu’s i.e. Princelyn, my cousin’s wedding. Pinchu & Carl are the funniest couple I have ever had the good luck to know.Their’s is one wedding i shall always remember very fondly.

The laughter, the complete bliss, the loving looks they gave one another, the cooky things they did for each other to make the day even more memorable… In short the wedding was perfect!

I had a lovely pink satin mermaid gown to wear, which was like a pink over-shock when I first visualized myself in it, but seemed oh-so-hot when Pinchu told me that there was a burnt scarlet lace band at the waist.

Needless to say, it looked amazing and Pinchu the genius complemented it off with red flowers that she made herself.

The third time I was the bride’s maid was for my dear pal Priya’s wedding. Priya and Garfield met online and their romance was the stuff of fairy tales. Priya went looking for the love of her life on the internet and found Garfield, an Indian living in Canada. They hit it off from the word go and from then on, Priya had the loveliest glow on her face, more so whenever Garfield’s name would be mentioned.

For her wedding, Priya’s mom-in-law designed and created the bride’s maids gowns herself. She also was responsible for the dreamy concoction that was the wedding gown. The lace, the old-world charm, the embroidery… it was exquisite!

My gown, was a red-hot tango number. And I had a bouquet of the most lushest and reddest roses ever. The groom’s man, Jasper, who is now one of my favorite people, was a sexy dancer and I so wished I could lose my two left feet that night!

With that I have to finally face that old saying “three times a bride’s maid, never a bride.”

I’m hoping that Lynette’s wedding negates any bad luck that comes about, as I am a sort-of bride’s maid for her. But I think it’s time to let go of superstitions no? Especially since I have the biggest talisman ever!

Amen to that.


2 thoughts on “Are 3 Times Bride’s Maids Lucky or Unlucky?

  1. Hello.

    The images were released to celebrate the arrival on Monday of Emma Tallulah, the couple’s third daughter.

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