Mi Vasaikar

So today, since I took a sick leave from work, I thought I’d get into my web surfing shoes and see what the WWW has to say about Vasai – me hometown.

Boy, was I in for a surprise!

I began with the East Indian community of Mumbai- which incidentally I belong to, and moved on to Vasai and its history.

I’m a Valkar while Melroy is a Vaadval, and if we pay any attention to the history between these two East Indian races, we are supposed to be at each other’s throats. But thankfully, those exciting and gruesome days have been buried deep in the rising mire of modernity. If the hatchet is visible, then a discreet tap in the muck and some good ol’ deshi daaru (country liquor) does the trick.

Take a peek at the History section of my blogroll and you’ll get to see some awesome links that will tell you more about the lush, green rig-ma-roll of races that is presently called Vasai.

For now, I’m trying to gather resources and people who will have more to say. So do send me links, posts and just about anything you feel, hear and do and know about Vasai.

FYI: Try sending me all this in the ‘About Plan W’ section. As that way your comments will be easily visible to everyone who visits. Till I get the guest book feature working this ought to do.


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