Uttan, Lady of Fatima & Family

So yesterday was my little cousin Delna’s birthday. After a harrowing day I went over to Uttan where my mother’s younger brother stays.

It felt nice staying at my aunt Stella’s place after so long. Yummy food, a fun-loving family, darling kid-cousins… what more can you ask for!

Since the beginning this year Uttan, another East Indian stronghold, has been having problems that have more to do with the environment then anything else.

From the announcement of the proposed SEZ (Special Economic Zone) in the Uttan-Gorai area earlier in the year to the more recent Dumping Ground issue (which, incidentally is located right behind my Grand Aunt’s place), it has been a year of turmoil for this hill-side town.

Hopefully, the authorities are going to sit up and take notice of the real concerns of the Uttankars and not pass them off as something to be easily dismissed. It’s high time pigs stopped roaming free on the streets of Uttan!


2 thoughts on “Uttan, Lady of Fatima & Family

  1. Hi Reena,
    Don’t you think there is a spelling error in the following sentence in your Blog, It felt nice staying at my aunt Stella’s place after so lone.

    Kindly correct it.


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