And so it has Finally Come to be….

11th December 2008 is one date that will be remembered down the line for a whole lot of different reasons by the Pereira, Fonseca & Almeida families.

For all those who could make it on the night – thank you. For all those who couldn’t – we missed you. For all those who we missed out and couldn’t invite – the wedding is bound to compensate!

I can still remember the nervousness that dogged me as the day wore on. Melroy and I had that look in our eyes – like we wanted to flee from it all. Beena & Glen were a similar shade of green. It happened so quick and smooth though that it still felt like a dream minutes after the last person wished us.

But the gown was beautiful, Beena was glowing, Glen was deliriously happy, Melroy was fabulous, all our parents were looking on with pride and were content, our friends were everything friends ought to be – loyal, supportive and by our side throughout the day.

Glitches were to be expected and when they happened, they did get us down. But hey, not everyone thinks the same and behaves the same as the next person. So it’s all good.

The memories are for us to treasure now. Forever….


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