Pillsbury has Flown the Coop

Shonette, my bestest friend in the whole world has left for distant shores and life is never going to be quite the same again.

It was an emotional scene at the airport yesterday with everybody coming to bid a fond farewell to a girl who has never held back on anything with anyone. Loving came naturally to Shon and probably is what has always kept me bound to her as a friend and confidante for 8 wonderful years.

Every major happening in my adult life, I have shared with Shon. There was NOTHING that was too important for her to leave and come running to me whenever I needed her the most.

I cannot imagine what or how things will be for the coming years when I won’t be having her nearby to turn to when the going gets tough. But one thing I do know is Shon will never be too busy or too far away to keep our bond from loosening.

I have fared better with the written word than with the spoken word and what follows is the most special way in which I could express my this request. No wedding frippery, no complex cards, no special flowers and chocolates could mean more than what I am going to say next.

So today, on this sacred and special space, as I remember the person who has known me better than anybody and loved every facet of me way before Melroy ever knew me, I ask just one question:

Will you do me the honor of being my Maid-of-Honor, Shonette Brako?

P.S: If any of my friends ever come across this post, please keep it to yourselves. This is for Shon to discover and answer.


6 thoughts on “Pillsbury has Flown the Coop

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  2. i am so thrilled!! dis is the bestest thing ever!! my girl is getting married n my other best frnd is gna b her maid of honour!! it cudnt get better dan dis.. dis is gna b 1 special wedding!! 😀

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