About Plan “M”

This space is just another wedding planning blog. But while it may be this for you, it is so much more for me.

Constantly accused of harboring elaborate plans and chasing technicolor dreams, I decided to fill up this space with a few memorable photographs, all my fussy relatives,  a million incredible love-filled moments and much, much more.

So stick on till then and help me plan the Almeida-Pereira wedding.

That was then, pre-marriage if you will, when this blog was known as Plan “W”.

This is now.

I speak about East Indian weddings and Vasai especially, on this blog. I also put up photos, information and stories about East Indians and our way of life. Culture, history, roots and weddings are what you can hope to find here.

Note: Please direct any inquiries, requests or general chit-chat to my email

  haellii (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk

Please do NOT use any photographs you see on this blog without my express permission. Some of these photos involve private functions and all have been used with the permission of the parties involved.


9 thoughts on “About Plan “M”

  1. PLAN “W” big decision hummm. Why don’t you write a little about how you met your guy and how long have you’ll been together, and what made you take such a big leap.

  2. nice site u hv here missy…………….i hv been here off n on but nt checked out stuf in as much depth as i did today……….n im not too sure if i hv ever mentioned dis earlier to u so m gona say it again………i totally luv d way u express urself……….it keeps me hooked on n wantin to read more………..so keep d posts comin…………

  3. @ bunpao: Thanks babe. Hearing stuff like that never fails to make my day!

    @ Evil Eye: The love story of the millennium shall be coming up shortly 🙂 🙂

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  5. Hi ..thanks for this article. It is really being of great help to me.
    Actually would like to talk to you and get more wedding advice from you.
    May i please have ur email id?

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