Graffiti & Slumming Around Chapel Road, Bandra

After I finished checking out tailor number two on Chimbai Road in Bandra, Rosalyn & I went to meet my darling cousin Joel at his lovely house on Carmel Church road.

It’s always good to have a man’s point of view when you are planning a wedding and from all my friends and family I can think of no better male mind to trust than Joel’s. Few men can compare with him in terms of interest when it comes to wedding planning. He did not disappoint me.

Regardless of a bad cold and temperature, he hauled himself to Barista to down icky ginger-lemon tea (while Roslyn and I downed Almond Creme and Cold Mayan Chocolate Coffee!!) and offer his logical insights on my wedding along with art samples belonging to who could possibly be the craziest thermocol artist in Mumbai. [Pictures on this artist’s artwork shall be put up shortly.] Now where do you get guys like that!

After we left him at his place, we went skipping along to Something Special, the wackiest art & craft shop in Bombay. These works of art are what we came across on our way there. These were clicked on Chapel Road- the street connecting Mount Carmel Church with Hill Road in Bandra, Mumbai.

I like the cheeky devil face that’s hiding the quaint little tailoring shop (below). The tree motifs look great, don’t you think?


This one reminded me of a typical susegaad (laid back) Catlic (local slang for a Bombay catholic) baabaa (young boy, as how the aunties fondly call them).


Space age street punk art anyone?


Roslyn wondered why I was clicking a common classroom doodle, but I liked the psychedelic glow these flowers had.


I had to click a cool Bombay catholic girl in front of some cool Bandra street art and who better then my own darling girl Rosalyn?!


Happy Women’s Day to all my favorite girls & all the women who visit this blog!!

Shonette, Roslyn, Valerie, Beena, Lisa, Rajasri, Aqshata, Tanya, Roxanne, Shirlyn, Juliet, Nupur, Karina, Priya (tai), Roshelle, Sharon, Fiona, Reema, Lynette, Grestina, Tina and everyone else whom I cannot list without staying awake this entire night, thank you for everything, for being you, for taking the time to know me, for taking time out for me and most importantly,
Thank you for being YOU!