The Perfect Proposal. Is there really such a thing?

Everyday as I pass by the under-refurbishment Spykar outlet near where I work, I can’t help but spend at least 5 seconds of my time staring at this utterly captivating advertisement: 


Yes, the models are painfully rangy and the style of proposal is completely not what most catlics would consider appropriate, but dang it! Does a marriage proposal really need to be proper and appropriate? 

I prefer to think otherwise.

As not many of my peers have yet been proposed to, I am not one to claim first-hand experience in the many different ways Indians (especially catholics) propose and accept. There was one story I heard today though that made me melt into a puddle of mush. I can still feel the glow because my own marriage proposal would have been quite similar, if things turned out differently.

Regardless, if there are any men out there reading this, dare to be different- your woman deserves the lovely memory.

If there are any women out there reading this, it’s probably the happiest day of your life (“probably” ‘coz you need to count first shoes, first kiss, first ball, first pyjama party as well)- so go with the flow.

I have read about newly-betrothed women gettin teary, embarassed, angry, murderous, confused and… you get the point, when being proposed in public. More fool them I guess (for picking the wrong guy).

There is NOTHING quite like the sight of the man you love popping the question of a million lifetimes to you. It may not be a heartwarming speech and it may not be a poem, but it definitely is a baring of the soul and more than what you can expect from that part of the species that rarely deals well with emotion beyond heartthudding football match verdicts.

So here’s to my Man, that emotion the poets call Love & the imperfect Marriage Proposal- they are all beyond Magical.


Did I Ever Tell you About the Rings?

During our engagment, one thing i was REALLY excited about was the ring. After a lot of searching and shoutouts for jewelers with a twist, Melroy & I (or rather Melroy) found out about Mario Romano.

Hailing from Brisbane, Mario creates unique jewelery (most of them bespoke). Melroy approached him with the initial designs (which happened to be a Gimmel for me & a Claddagh for him) we had selected, but due to time-constraints (we had less than a month till D-day), we couldn’t get those.

Our second choice was something rather simple (infinity bands) and required just a little modification to suit our purpose. Mario managed. And how!

Less than 2 weeks before Melroy had to depart for India, I remembered about the Big Indian Diamond Superstition and called up Melroy ASAP to convey my concern and the pressing need to avoid bad luck.

You see, all the jewelers out here allow you to purchase diamond/s in the name of the person you want to gift it to and keep it for a week. If, during that period no harm befalls that person, then the diamond is the one for him/her. If not, then time to exchange it for another one and repeat the process till the stone fits or the person dies (just kidding!! As far as I know, nothing like that has ever happened).

So moving on, poor Melroy woke up from his sleep and promised to call Mario the first thing the next day. He told Mario about this unexpected development and the dear thing assured us that he would buy the diamond and keep it for me for a week.

Thankfully, during that week I did not fall sick, get lost, kidnapped, lose any loved one or suffer any major or minor injury. And so… the diamond came to be mine forever, never to be lost and never to be forgotten (you won’t believe how often I misplaced the ring!).

When after a lot of cajolling Melroy showed me my ring (the darling fellow was goin to get down on one knee and all), I was ecstatic! Mario had done a fine job  and had put in his own twist to it (he added diamond dust). Melroy’s ring too was striking (I shall put up the pics shortly).

The only hitch was, I had given Mario the wrong size and I had to roam with a ring that was at least 3 sizes bigger strung on black lace around my neck (I must say, it made for good novelty jewelery).  

So when Melroy took it back with him to Australia to get the size adjusted, Mario obliged us once again. He fixed up the ring and did not even charge us for the service. Now how often do you get jeweler’s like that!

Suffice to say, Mario Romano did a smashing job on our engagement ring! We are hoping to catch hold of him for our wedding rings 🙂

And so it has Finally Come to be….

11th December 2008 is one date that will be remembered down the line for a whole lot of different reasons by the Pereira, Fonseca & Almeida families.

For all those who could make it on the night – thank you. For all those who couldn’t – we missed you. For all those who we missed out and couldn’t invite – the wedding is bound to compensate!

I can still remember the nervousness that dogged me as the day wore on. Melroy and I had that look in our eyes – like we wanted to flee from it all. Beena & Glen were a similar shade of green. It happened so quick and smooth though that it still felt like a dream minutes after the last person wished us.

But the gown was beautiful, Beena was glowing, Glen was deliriously happy, Melroy was fabulous, all our parents were looking on with pride and were content, our friends were everything friends ought to be – loyal, supportive and by our side throughout the day.

Glitches were to be expected and when they happened, they did get us down. But hey, not everyone thinks the same and behaves the same as the next person. So it’s all good.

The memories are for us to treasure now. Forever….