In Need of a Wedding Gown?

The other day, I received a comment from Joyce – a bride-to-be in Mangalore. She ties the knot in a few months and is hunting high and low for Christian bridal gowns in Mangalore. If any of you people reading this are from Mangalore and know how to help her out, it would be highly appreciated.

An update: Buttercup, a reader, has kindly contributed a website that should be of help to brides looking for a bridal gown tailor in Mangalore. Visit Concetta Bridals to view the beautiful gowns up there.

I have never been to Mangalore, and know less about how weddings proceed out there. When I think about the difficulty in finding the right accessory, fabric, decor, caterer, etc. over here in Vasai and even in Mumbai, I wonder what Christian brides and grooms who are looking for all these things and more go about it in other parts of India.

I wore a bespoke gown for my wedding

Sure, we have the internet these days for everything, but some of the best wedding vendors out there are unlisted in wedding directories and barely a small fraction have websites of their own. This is very sad, as it would be of tremendous help to Christian couples looking for quick, affordable and quality solutions to their wedding if all these wedding vendors were listed somewhere on the Indian interwebs.

Christian brides in India almost always go for a bespoke bridal gown. Not many prefer vintage or second-hand gowns as they are viewed as hand-me-downs. A pity, since lace and fabric back then were divine as were some of the styles.

If you would not mind a second-hand or vintage wedding gown, I would suggest you try a place like David & Company in Dhobi Talao at Marine Lines, Mumbai. I remember a dreamy concoction of flowing pink lace fading into white I once came across out there. I wowed to wear a gown like that for my own wedding but yes, I eventually went for a simple number.

If you don’t find what you are looking for there, you could always ask them to direct you to other retailers who stock second-hand gowns. Do take a quick stroll down Crawford Market before you try elsewhere and pay close attention to the shops that line the start of the lane. They stock ready-made gowns and if you are lucky, you may find a seamstress who will agree to stitch one for you in a short time.

From what I hear, Inspirations, the bridal and floral accessories boutique at Amboli in Andheri West is another place that has recently started stocking ready-made gowns. The quality maintained at Inspirations is fantastic and along with a gown, you will find yourself stocking up on button-hole flowers, tiaras, corsages and some exquisite wedding jewelry.

Silver Pages, a Christian wedding information directory dedicated to listings of wedding-related services is another brilliant resource you can consult. I am not sure about their website, but I have been told that you can obtain a copy at Snehalaya at Mahim West in Mumbai.

If a trip to Mumbai is impossible, I would suggest you ask any women’s group in your local parish for pointers on the best bridal gown tailor in your area. Never doubt the solid information to be found in a group of women I say!

Failing that, I list down some excellent dressmakers abroad that you can check out if there is no other solution but to order a wedding gown online. These are Indian pocket-friendly, and I know of a few brides who have been happy with their gowns:

David’s Bridal

Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

Once Wed

Be wary of purchasing a wedding gown from websites that offer wholesale wedding gowns or discount gowns as returns/alterations/shipping etc. could turn out to be a painful process. Unless you know of anyone who has made use of the service, it would be inadvisable to get a wedding gown via them.


The Great Bridal Gown Search

M said “Shock ’em all”.

S said “I like what you select”.

R said “It’s you”.

V said “It’s Reen”.

P said “Less skin”.

G said “Demure”.

R said “Not white”.

B said “Comfortable”.

M said “Anything you wear you make it look good”.

J said “Chuckle chuckle”.

S said “Magical”.

L said “Gasp”.

A line from my Facebook bio which I feel I must add out here (my talisman for the coming days until I settle on the final design):

There are places I would love to see and things I’d like to do… But something I would like more is to be content and be me.

Graffiti & Slumming Around Chapel Road, Bandra

After I finished checking out tailor number two on Chimbai Road in Bandra, Rosalyn & I went to meet my darling cousin Joel at his lovely house on Carmel Church road.

It’s always good to have a man’s point of view when you are planning a wedding and from all my friends and family I can think of no better male mind to trust than Joel’s. Few men can compare with him in terms of interest when it comes to wedding planning. He did not disappoint me.

Regardless of a bad cold and temperature, he hauled himself to Barista to down icky ginger-lemon tea (while Roslyn and I downed Almond Creme and Cold Mayan Chocolate Coffee!!) and offer his logical insights on my wedding along with art samples belonging to who could possibly be the craziest thermocol artist in Mumbai. [Pictures on this artist’s artwork shall be put up shortly.] Now where do you get guys like that!

After we left him at his place, we went skipping along to Something Special, the wackiest art & craft shop in Bombay. These works of art are what we came across on our way there. These were clicked on Chapel Road- the street connecting Mount Carmel Church with Hill Road in Bandra, Mumbai.

I like the cheeky devil face that’s hiding the quaint little tailoring shop (below). The tree motifs look great, don’t you think?


This one reminded me of a typical susegaad (laid back) Catlic (local slang for a Bombay catholic) baabaa (young boy, as how the aunties fondly call them).


Space age street punk art anyone?


Roslyn wondered why I was clicking a common classroom doodle, but I liked the psychedelic glow these flowers had.


I had to click a cool Bombay catholic girl in front of some cool Bandra street art and who better then my own darling girl Rosalyn?!


Happy Women’s Day to all my favorite girls & all the women who visit this blog!!

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Thank you for being YOU!