I watched Jodhaa-Akbar on the 15th. This is the scene that had me really kicked.

The scene takes place after Akbar gets well and is called for by Jodhaa. She wants to show him something- its a page with Akbar’s name written on it. She has been learning to write in Urdu and has written his name as a first accomplishment.

Akbar sees it and appears to be ecstatic about what she’s written. He asks her to read it and she says she can’t. he orders her to read it, and she finally says that a wife can’t take her husband’s name.

Akbar is pretty confused as to what shes talking about, and she tells him that she has written his name. He delighted and informs her that he never learned to read or write as his role as Emperor never permitted him with any spare time.

Its endearing how Jodhaa’s expression falls! From one of complete anticipation to one of complete surprise.

It was sweet how Akbar was trying everything he could think of to make Jodhaa read the script and avoid embarrassment and how she was trying everything she could think of to avoid saying his name!
For all its theatrical flaws, the core story of Jodhaa-Akbar touched me. Love beyond all barriers of caste, race, religion and ego.

The soundtrack was ethereal as well. Jashn-e-Bahaar, Khwaja mere Khwaja, Shaan-e-Shehenshaah… can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Shall add the first two to the really good romantic songs list. Even though Khwajaa is a devotional song, its absolutely brimming with love.